Hi Friends,

I am a documentary portrait photographer with a focus on family and kids. Truth told, I love ANY opportunity to shoot photography. A buddy of mine with FOX Sports asked me if I wanted an all-access photo pass to the Seahawks/Packers NFC Playoff Game and I replied with words loud enough to be heard in Tacoma.

A very kind client remarked that my photos 'are windows into people's souls'. Hopefully that's true, as that is what I aspire to capture. Powerful photos evoke emotion...grab you and pull you in.

I enjoy meeting new people, listening to their stories and helping them capture moments that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

Ballard (Seattle) is home that I love and share with my wife, Heidi, and two wonderful (most of the time) daughters, Helena and Evie...my muses and ever-faithful photo subjects. And also Blue, our gigantic Golden Retriever.