Thanks for checking out my work.

I am a documentary/portrait photographer with a focus on storytelling. Truth told, I love ANY opportunity to shoot photography. A friend of mine (not mentioning names, Scott Snyder) working with NFL Sports asked me if I wanted an all-access photo pass to the Seahawks/Packers NFC Playoff Game and I replied with words loud enough to be heard in Tacoma.

A very kind client remarked that my photos 'are windows into people's souls'. Hopefully that's true, as that is what I aspire to capture. Powerful photos that evoke emotion...grab you and pull you in. Whether I'm documenting a 3 year (start to finish) building going up, wandering the high Himalayas with my Nat Geo friends...or just shooting portraits in my studio,  I strive to capture the essence of what makes that moment special.

I am geared up and ready to travel! Aisle or Window seat please!